Got Midi is Licensed with APRA AMCOS. Royalties from each purchase are paid to the songwriters.

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Why Songs are Licenced?

Just like you – musicians need income to survive. Licensed music ensures each artist is paid for their work whilst protecting their work from being copied.

How are Songwriters Paid?

Songwriters recieve a royalty from each paid download collected by APRA AMCOS. We provide our statements regularly aswell as payment of royalty fees.

Why Should I Pay for a midi?

Free midis are all over the internet but are breaching the law otherwise known as ‘illegal’. By supporting Got Midi you are supporting the music industry and every artist that helped make your life a magical experience whether it be the song you first heard when you met your partner or a crazy night out with friends. Music is a big part of our life and giving back is what makes this world a better place!